Monday, September 13, 2010

Coming Soon - Martin


This little fella is still in the final stages of sculpting and sealing, but here's a sneak preview of "Martin" a two headed mooncalf, coming soon to Deeply Dapper!

Friday, September 10, 2010

SOLD! - Specimen M401 - Unknown Cephalopod

Discovered on the shores of Maine's MidCoast by a grandmother and her grandkids, this specimen was preserved in an old talcum powder jar in 1973. Multi-tentacled and multi-eyed, with asymmetrical features, this specimen is currently unclassified. An excellent addition to your collection of the mysterious.

Details - Standing roughly 5" tall, this specimen is sculpted and sealed, ready for display in your cabinet of curiosities. Currently without a label, a custom one can be applied (Similar to other specimens seen on this site or in the additional photo in the listing) for no additional charge. The talcum bottle is vintage and still features a working shaker top, but that could be easily sealed with silicone if the collector would prefer to display the sculpture in liquid.

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