Saturday, November 27, 2010

Facing Front - CRUSH by Alan Jacobson

As I've recently dove headlong into the world of cover designs and ebook formatting, and as a lifelong reader, I've decided to expand Deeply Dapper a bit, as a kind of sister project to my review site. Now, before I start a novel, I'll post the cover (Or covers) here on Deeply Dapper, and comment on any thoughts or feelings I have about that cover. Chime in with your thoughts too!


by Alan Jacobson

Hardcover Edition (US)
 First impressions, I liked this cover. It's clear and easy to read, and the color scheme is pretty bold. It also seems to fit the theme of the novel, which is about a serial killer in the Napa Valley. Then I looked closer for this post and noticed the way the words were randomly blurred along the edges and how there was a clear liquid in the wine glass, both of which lowered my opinion pretty quickly. But still, as a cover, it isn't bad, maybe a bit simple. 


Paperback Edition (US)

 Again, I like this cover when viewed in thumbnail form. It has a ghostly feeling to it. But up close, you see little details, like the clip art blood splotch in the corner and the way everything has it's opacity at 80% so that the house is visible through the grape leaves and the gate is transparent. No wonder I thought it looked ghostly! And what's up with the hodgepodge of images here, with no apparent relation to each other? It's like the art director gave the cover artist this order - "There's a lady in a field. Behind her is an awesome house. There's some giant floating ghost grapes, and a semi-transparent gate that's sinking. Also, add some blood somewhere." It also has the words "Bestselling Author" twice within an inch. I think we all know who James Patterson is by now, don't we? But again, a cover that looks pretty good if you don't look too closely.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

FOR SALE - Baby Bugaboos #001 - Blinky!

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