Sunday, July 15, 2012

NEW - Harry Potter Light Switch Plates

A little bit of Harry Potter magic, the Deeply Dapper way - with interesting textures, luxurious colors and tints and a touch of goofy fun. A few of our designs will stick around - each handmade, but keeping the same general design and a few will be limited edition one of a kind plates, with extra layers or funky colors. Check back for more additions!
Check out the entire line in the Housewares And Decor section of our Etsy Shoppe. And if you have a custom request or order, feel free to contact us.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Out Now!

Another novel by a Deeply Dapper Client is out now - RELUCTANTLY IN LOVE by Lindsay Kiernan

We changed the cover around a little bit, trying to get the right vibe for the story, but it turned out nicely, I think!

If you're looking for a romance, check it out -

Beatrice Clark has run out of options...

She must escape her dangerous fiancé by ruining her reputation before the wedding can occur. Armed with a sultry red dress and a list of London's disreputable men Beatrice has one night to find the right man.

William Bradley enjoyed his nights of debauchery and found himself at home amongst London's depraved citizens. He never wanted to be the hero to any damsel in distress. But his past is working against him. Forced by his own conscience into helping Beatrice escape her future husband he is now tied into the unwanted role of a woman's savior.

The unlikely pair could fall in love, if they don't destroy each other first.

Available at and Smashwords for only $2.99!