Sunday, December 5, 2010

Facing Front - BURN by Linda Howard

US Cover
 This is the US cover to Burn. As best I can tell, it seems to be the image they used for the Hardcover and the Paperback version. (I own the paperback) There's really very, very little I can say about this image. It stinks. It stinks of typical covers for US thrillers. "Ooh, the title is fire related, and it takes place somewhere tropical. Quick, get me an image of some babe on cement and add some orange layers!"


Unknown Cover

 I found this cover on Google, but I was unable to track down what version it was. My guess is some reprint cover or something similar. This makes the book seem like more of a kidnapping thriller, but that might just be because it reminds me of the scene in the first Craig "Bond" movie. I like this cover better, but the cheeky "Edge of your seat" blurb next to a photo of a chair by some random person named Bella, and the overly bright fuchsia colors bring my score down.


UK Version
   This is more like it. Once again, I have to tip my hat to the UK cover, which seems enigmatic and a bit dangerous. The water is beautiful, the colors are odd and the outfit is... European. I'm not a fan of the strangely damaged font they used for Howard's name, but a pretty strong cover. And I'd feel a bit less silly reading it. Unless the person that saw me had read a Linda Howard novel before. Then they'd be right for thinking I'm silly for reading one.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Facing Front - CRUSH by Alan Jacobson

As I've recently dove headlong into the world of cover designs and ebook formatting, and as a lifelong reader, I've decided to expand Deeply Dapper a bit, as a kind of sister project to my review site. Now, before I start a novel, I'll post the cover (Or covers) here on Deeply Dapper, and comment on any thoughts or feelings I have about that cover. Chime in with your thoughts too!


by Alan Jacobson

Hardcover Edition (US)
 First impressions, I liked this cover. It's clear and easy to read, and the color scheme is pretty bold. It also seems to fit the theme of the novel, which is about a serial killer in the Napa Valley. Then I looked closer for this post and noticed the way the words were randomly blurred along the edges and how there was a clear liquid in the wine glass, both of which lowered my opinion pretty quickly. But still, as a cover, it isn't bad, maybe a bit simple. 


Paperback Edition (US)

 Again, I like this cover when viewed in thumbnail form. It has a ghostly feeling to it. But up close, you see little details, like the clip art blood splotch in the corner and the way everything has it's opacity at 80% so that the house is visible through the grape leaves and the gate is transparent. No wonder I thought it looked ghostly! And what's up with the hodgepodge of images here, with no apparent relation to each other? It's like the art director gave the cover artist this order - "There's a lady in a field. Behind her is an awesome house. There's some giant floating ghost grapes, and a semi-transparent gate that's sinking. Also, add some blood somewhere." It also has the words "Bestselling Author" twice within an inch. I think we all know who James Patterson is by now, don't we? But again, a cover that looks pretty good if you don't look too closely.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

FOR SALE - Baby Bugaboos #001 - Blinky!

Number one on a new series of sculptures, Baby Bugaboos, Blinky is now available in the Official Deeply Dapper Etsy Shoppe!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coming Soon - Baby Bugaboos!

Next up in the Etsy Shop, a line of Baby Bugaboos, each around 1 3/4 inches and ready to add some adorable little horror in your home!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coming Soon - Deep Peril!

Something a little different in the works here, photo prints of heroes and heroines battling beasties from below. Up first, Yrgthtth Akkakuatu Gets A View, which I just finished inking.

Keep your eyes peeled for the colored version, coming soon to the Official Deeply Dapper Etsy Shoppe!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Now Available - The Flamingo's Trapped Tikis!

        In 1932. Gabriel Flamenco and his wife Maria moved to Te Ika-a-Maui, the North Island of New Zealand. Gabriel was a scientific researcher and had accepted a position there, collecting specimens and cataloging the unique wildlife of New Zealand and the nearby Pacific Islands. He was well known for having a clever eye and steady hand, able to track even the wiliest creature or insect for his studies.

    Nine months into his work, his family mysteriously disappeared from the base camp Flamenco was using while he was out gathering specimens. All that remained was their gear and mysterious, unclassifiable footprints. And blood. All of Flamenco's specimens had been released, the bottles and cages smashed with great force. The only clue he could find was a journal entry by Maria that spoke of oval eyes burning in the forest, of a strange chanting noise that the children were afraid of and one single, hastily scrawled word at the bottom of the page: Tiki.

    The Maori believe in many forms of the Tiki, the legends spreading far and wide through culture and history. Tiki was the first man, carved of wood or formed from clay and blood, springing from the heart of a volcano. Tiki is a guardian of spiritual grounds, the protector of the island. Tiki is mischievous and sneaky, but can also be brave and loyal. Throughout the Pacific Islands, Tikis can be found, supporting structures, watching over temples, lurking in the forests.

    Flamenco became determined that the ubiquitous Tikis, spread throughout the islands and worshiped by the natives, were based on fact, on living creatures of clay, stone, wood and blood living and feeding on interlopers and those that failed to respect the sacred islands.

    Defiant, Flamenco dedicated his life to hunting these creatures down and killing or trapping them, attempting to find some clues to his family's disappearance. He became a legend in the Pacific – the lunatic man intent of capturing the small gods. They called him the Flamingo, and some were convinced he was crazy. Others warned him to beware – Not all of the Tiki were so small or so easily captured, for the heart of the volcanoes beat within them.

    By the Fifties, The Flamingo had amassed hundreds of specimens, most damaged or killed, then trapped within jars of a mysterious liquid he had devised to keep them docile, to keep the magma within cooled. He collected from all around the world, but never again found his beloved family. In 1957, in the midst of a tropical storm, Flamenco vanished too, his home demolished as though by large animals, and every jar in the house was opened, their unusual contents missing.

    In 1983, Deeply Dapper came across a storage unit in Hawaii that had come up for auction, the garage-like structure had been paid for years in advance and just recently run out. We snapped it up when the owner's original name was revealed – The Flamingo himself. Within, we found rows of shelves, filled with specimens, mostly conventional items. Rare and wonderful all the same, but nothing compared to a section at the back of the storage unit. There, we found jars filled with Tikis. Some looked long dead, others looked like they would move as soon as we turned our backs on them and all of them had a snippet of Flamenco's handwriting glued to the back, a kind of journal entry from the creature's capture.

After decades in the Deeply Dapper Vaults, we are proud to announce
The Flamingo's Trapped Tiki Collection
Available for sale now, through private commission and our official Etsy Shoppe.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Coming Soon - Martin


This little fella is still in the final stages of sculpting and sealing, but here's a sneak preview of "Martin" a two headed mooncalf, coming soon to Deeply Dapper!

Friday, September 10, 2010

SOLD! - Specimen M401 - Unknown Cephalopod

Discovered on the shores of Maine's MidCoast by a grandmother and her grandkids, this specimen was preserved in an old talcum powder jar in 1973. Multi-tentacled and multi-eyed, with asymmetrical features, this specimen is currently unclassified. An excellent addition to your collection of the mysterious.

Details - Standing roughly 5" tall, this specimen is sculpted and sealed, ready for display in your cabinet of curiosities. Currently without a label, a custom one can be applied (Similar to other specimens seen on this site or in the additional photo in the listing) for no additional charge. The talcum bottle is vintage and still features a working shaker top, but that could be easily sealed with silicone if the collector would prefer to display the sculpture in liquid.

Buy It Now from the Official Deeply Dapper Shoppe!

Commissions and custom work is also available  - deeplydapper[at]

Monday, August 30, 2010

Coming Soon - A New Creature From The Depths

My most recent Bewildering Bugaboo, currently undergoing it's final steps before becoming available for sale...

This was a unique challenge, as it was sculpted fully, then inserted into the bottle before baking, then sealed.

Fitting all of those wicked tentacles through that small mouth was a trick, to say the least!

Keep an eye on my Etsy shoppe for its appearance!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

FOR SALE - Sasquatch Automotive Decal

Sasquatch Automotive Decal

Bring some mystery lumbering into your life with my custom Bigfoot Vinyl Sticker! Hand-cut from a thinner vinyl than most auto stickers, it's been designed to stay strong for months, but vanish cleanly into the woods when your mood strikes and you want to change it up. Unlike the real thing, this Sasquatch only stands about 4.5" tall, but adds huge character to any vehicle!
Based on the classic Patterson footage

Buy two stickers for the low price of  $3.99 in my Official Deeply Dapper Etsy Shoppe!

Stormalong looks quite dashing in his Sasquatch, which has been on him for 4 months.