Sunday, December 5, 2010

Facing Front - BURN by Linda Howard

US Cover
 This is the US cover to Burn. As best I can tell, it seems to be the image they used for the Hardcover and the Paperback version. (I own the paperback) There's really very, very little I can say about this image. It stinks. It stinks of typical covers for US thrillers. "Ooh, the title is fire related, and it takes place somewhere tropical. Quick, get me an image of some babe on cement and add some orange layers!"


Unknown Cover

 I found this cover on Google, but I was unable to track down what version it was. My guess is some reprint cover or something similar. This makes the book seem like more of a kidnapping thriller, but that might just be because it reminds me of the scene in the first Craig "Bond" movie. I like this cover better, but the cheeky "Edge of your seat" blurb next to a photo of a chair by some random person named Bella, and the overly bright fuchsia colors bring my score down.


UK Version
   This is more like it. Once again, I have to tip my hat to the UK cover, which seems enigmatic and a bit dangerous. The water is beautiful, the colors are odd and the outfit is... European. I'm not a fan of the strangely damaged font they used for Howard's name, but a pretty strong cover. And I'd feel a bit less silly reading it. Unless the person that saw me had read a Linda Howard novel before. Then they'd be right for thinking I'm silly for reading one.



  1. These all look pretty bad to me. And who the hell is Bella? Is this self published or something? Who puts a blurb on the cover and then attributes it to a person with only one name?

    "This book is incredible, artfully crafted and expertly written." - My Mom.

  2. Hahahah Exactly! I'm almost afraid to try and find out who this Bella is, what if she's like the Godfather of crappy bestselling thrillers, and I've offended her? She'll set aside her box of Whitman's samplers, squeeze out of the bath tub and come after me!