Thursday, March 28, 2013


What is Kill All Monsters! you might ask?

Only the  bestest comic book ever, that's what. And it's coming soon to print - if we act now and order it!

Michael May and Jason Copeland bring us a tale of giant monsters taking over our world and humans fighting back. What isn't to love there???

In this month's PREVIEWS, page 244, the print version of the first trade is up for pre-order and we should all jump on it! This is a pretty big deal now days. To get a retailer to actually stock a comic nowdays, especially a trade, retailers have to know that customers are interested. The more that are pre-ordered, the better chance that one ends up on a shelf for a new reader to pick up.

And we want these talented bastards to keep making this comic - it's awesome. Take this random part of a panel - 
 That's me literally choosing a page at random and posting it - that kind of sweetness is all over the place. So call your local comic shop (If you're lucky enough to have one) and pre-order KILL ALL MONSTERS. If you need it, the Previews order number is APR130764.

And follow Michael May's blog too - it's a great read.

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