Friday, March 8, 2013

Saggy Socks

Being a fan of old-timey clothing and an anti-fan of saggy socks, I find myself intrigued by this product from yesteryear - Sock Garters But I worry they wouldn't go well with my Bean Boots, which is where I experience the most distressing sock saggery.

I also find myself inappropriately intrigued by that man's posing.


  1. Now, I'd known about men's sock garters, but I had to go look up Bean Boots. I had an intuition of what they were, but had to look them up to be sure.

    I, too, am intrigued by the above fashion ad, the pose, the attire, the entirety.

  2. I love my Bean Boots, they're the one splurge we did when we first moved out here. They're durable, well made, after an appropriate breaking in quite comfy, entirely American-made and designed to last decades.

    But without fail, about a mile down the road, my sock somehow goes from full mast to wadded into the bottom of the shoe. Drives me crazy.

    I really want a dressing gown like that. And I'm intrigued particularly at the fact that he seems to have gone to the trouble of tying his tie and wearing shoes without putting on pants.